NRA's solution to gun violence unrealistic after recent school shootings

Connecticut governor There’s blood on the NRA’s hands

According to a recent SurveyMonkey poll, it is Trump's desire to arm teachers that is unpopular: A majority of Americans believe that allowing school officials to carry weapons would make schools more unsafe, not less.

In a Monday interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, Parkland students David Hogg and Alfonso Calderon railed against President Donald Trump and other politicians for responding to the massacre at their school with a call for more guns.

Survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting have been out in full force since the mass shooting that killed 14 of their classmates and three adults at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, participating in a series of passionate on-camera media appearances, tweets, and protests.

According to the Education Commission of the States, Kansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and several other states allow teachers, if certain conditions are met, to possess a concealed weapon on the job. Notably, 17-year-old student Cameron Kasky asked Sen. Listen, instead, to the millions of tax paying, law-abiding citizens who want to see the elimination of guns of war and guns of mass destruction.

"But then he stepped back down from where he was and that's why we're seeing this stuff", Hogg continued. Funding this legislation could take away from opportunities to improve those drained resources. "We won't push for arming teachers".

If the passion and dedication they have shown so far is sustained, especially as the congressional midterm elections approach, the young people of the U.S. might just be able do what no one has done in decades, and force action on gun control.

These are valid questions, and teachers shouldn't have to be anxious about answering them.

In Ohio, the decision on whether to arm teachers is made by school districts, and they are not required to make that information public, so there are no figures on how numerous state's 610 districts have armed teachers. The active shooter trainings done in Parkland saved countless lives.

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Being a teacher, you have to put genuine time and effort into each lesson you teach. And how he came through was ultimately, and ironically, based on his complete lack of understanding of important social issues and the politics behind them (one of my ongoing fundamental criticisms of him).

The response has been different in IN, a state that allows teachers to be armed. Even those without money to give to the NRA to prevent restrictive gun laws should be allowed to protest what they feel is the undue influence of a lobby whose prime goal is to sell guns to the American public.

Sometimes after I excoriate President Trump, I feel a twinge of guilt.

Georgia state representative and senator might care more about the support of the NRA than the lives of their constituents if they voted to let college students carry firearms around campus. Those kids are either exceedingly bright or they were blessed with a great school, probably both. "I am encouraged by how comfortably they shared their ideas and listened to others' without judgment and I am lifted by their example of being part of the solution". Trump told the nation's governors that arming teachers would provide additional protection within our schools.

A Florida middle school teacher was recently fired for allegedly running a white supremacist podcast and Twitter account where she expressed hateful attitudes toward Jewish and Muslim people, and implied opposition to fighting racism in the classroom.

At face value, you might think a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun, but this is just flat out wrong.

Because of deeply embedded racism, armed teachers may be compelled to act on threats that don't even exist. It's going to disproportionally fall upon students of color and on low-income students, who are already marginalized within schools. Keeping guns out of the hands of teachers could help prevent this harassment from becoming fatal.

I couldn't agree more.

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