Chocolate Can Become Extinct in Next 40 Years

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By 2050, rising temperatures will push present-day chocolate-growing regions over 1,000 feet uphill - areas populated with mountains, much of which is reserved for wildlife, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

They're exploring the possibility of using the gene-editing technology CRISPR to make crops that can survive the new challenges.

Another daily disaster to file away into the glove compartment of our hearts: according to a new report in Business Insider, chocolate is doomed to be wiped off the face of this cruel world as early as 2050. It's also frequently victim to fungal disease and climate change. The main problem with the plant is that it's only able to grow within a very limited strip of land located roughly 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

It thrives in high humidity and tons of rain, but that could soon be in short supply in the region over the next few decades.

It's time to stock up on all things sweet because experts have predicted that the world could run out of chocolate within the next 40 years. If it works, it would allow the crops to survive in hotter, drier climates.

Here's some climate-change news that President Trump will have trouble ignoring: Earth's junk food is in danger of losing a crucial ingredient.

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"There are obviously commitments the world is leaning into but, frankly, we don't think we're getting there fast enough collectively", Parkin said.

Thankfully, a team from UC Berkeley is working on a possible fix.

Berkeley's gene-editing technology, called CRISPR, has been in the works for a while, though when it gets attention, it's nearly always for the potential to eliminate genetic diseases or (sort of on the extreme end of this) build "designer babies". Although her invention has been viewed as a way to rid humans of diseases and disorders, she believes it has more potential in the improvement of foods.

"By and by, I'd love a tomato plant with organic product that remained on the vine longer", Doudna revealed to Business Insider.

Cocoa plants are struggling as the climate warms up.

Doudna established a company called Caribou Biosciences to incorporate CRISPR, and has additionally authorized the innovation to rural company DuPont Pioneer for use in crops like corn and mushrooms.

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