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Anti-bird nets are meshes used to prevent bird damage to vegetables, fruits and seeds.

Frugivorous birds and bats cause great damage to the farmer as they pick one fruit and then pass to another, thus spoiling large percentages of production that would otherwise have a good commercial value. Once a small portion of the fruit is eaten, this fruit can no longer be sold or harvested (although there has been no contamination of a bacterium or virus by the bird or bat), this fruit would begin or rot or ferment causing further damage higher among the other fruits in the same box. The anti-bird mesh is installed directly on individual trees or along a trellis or to cover access to greenhouses and tunnels in the case of strawberries.

The anti-bird mesh comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The most common is a small box (1 to 2 cm.) Of extruded polypropylene and bi-oriented or knotted knitting.

The most commonly used color is black (since the black smoke element is the best stabilizer against solar UV), but the mesh for bird control, can be other colors like white, (usually the white mesh is also used as anti-hail mesh for protection of fruits and flowers of fruit trees) or green (this color is more common in the retail for small family gardens and gardens).

The professional anti-bird mesh comes in jumbo rolls and offers considerable savings to the farmer or aquaculture . Chains and retail stores offer a package with useful kid sizes in the backyard.

Fish Protection

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Mesh protection for buildings

The anti-bird mesh is widely used in cities where there is a problem of pigeons and other birds nesting between buildings architectural or historic importance, or simply for health reasons.

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