Yoko Ono Forces Polish Beverage Company to Rebrand 'John Lemon' Soda

Yoko Ono and John Lemon

Yoko Ono, the widow of The Beatles great John Lennon, has taken legal action against a Polish soda company to stop the sale of a beverage dubbed "John Lemon" lemonade. It's a clever name, but a bit too close in sounds and visual likeness to a certain Liverpudlian songwriter.

Mr Lemonade Alternative Drinks agreed to change the name to "On Lemon" after Ono wrote to the company and its distributors across Europe, warning that continued infringement could result in violations of up to 5,000 euros ($5,998) per day and 500 euros ($600.20) per bottle sold, The Guardian reports.

She threatened legal action alleging that it infringed on the trademark of her late husband.

Karol Chamera, 30, founder of Mr Lemonade Alternative Drinks Ltd, insists United Kingdom sales of the drink have not been linked to Lennon's name or image.

Lawyers for the company and Ms Ono, 84, have now reached a settlement where the company can continue in business, but must rebrand its John Lemon products.

Mr. Lemonade argued that it trademarked "John Lemon" in the European Union in 2014, two years before Ms. Ono registered the "John Lennon" brand there, but relented in lieu of facing a likely lengthy and expensive legal battle.

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Another advert showed the words "Let It Be" and a pair of round glasses, and also included the John Lemon brand name.

The Montreal hotel that hosted John Lennon and Yoko Ono's famous bed-in 1969 has reopened the suite where the events took place.

The Facebook page also posted a picture of the John Lemon product along with pictures of the Abbey Road Studios.

Lawyer Hugo Bałazinski said his client was "surprised" by the claim, but made a decision to reach a settlement which meant the company could continue in business and would rebrand the John Lemon products. "I believe they are now going to call the drink On Lemon instead, which is much better".

Mr Chamera, who runs his business from his flat in Bow, now has to sell all his stock of the artisan lemonade before a ban comes into effect on October 30.

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