EPL: Mata and Mourinho to donate their salaries

Jose Mourinho wants to break Sir Alex Ferguson's Champions League record

The start of the Champions League is just round the corner, once these pesky worldwide matches are done with, and as everyone knows that brings football's most exciting moment, the theme song! It's been a good way to start [the campaign] but we can not relax.

"We are ready. No excuses - let's try to win there".

"We have more players coming and everyone understands what we are trying to do".

England is where his passion lies and United is where his heart has been, even before he took over.

Whilst United fans relaxed with their feet up on deadline day, north London's two big forces fretted over improving their struggling sides. We have to be equal to their attitude and then we have to show our quality. "The atmosphere is going to be against us, but that is normal.".

Although Matic's deal was completed just four days before the Brazilian's, Mourinho insists the Red Devils' summer transfer plans purposely avoided a more expensive period of the window. Last season, I lost a season in the chase for this record but Manchester United is where Manchester United has to be and I'm really happy with that.

Pacific Aquarium exhibits its wonders in Summer of Wonder
Then we went on to two new exhibits at the Molina Animal Care Center, one of sponges and corals, and another of horseshoe crabs. In 1997 it was almost extinguished due to the destruction of river beds, disappearance of rivers due to drought and pollution.

The 35-year-old striker had been tipped to make his return to action in January but his inclusion in United's squad for the Champions League group stage suggests he could be available before the New Year.

The bet365 Stadium, formerly called the Britannia Stadium, is notoriously known for it's tough weather and tougher footballers. Hopefully we can do something big and bring a lot of players and people who are involved in football on board.

Manchester United have started the new Premier League season in style and, as a result, have now spent 27 days on top of the table.

Now, however, there's a case to be made that these two teams embody the Premier League's culture of entertainment better than anyone else.

Remembering James Wilson was a Manchester United player was impressive for anyone.

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