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The 'fight against cellulite' today, millions of women worldwide. Congested bowels, low acid levels, dehydration, lack of exercise, high acid diet, acidic damage to the intestinal villi, congested bowels, Chronic metabolic acidosis, just to name a few symptoms of excess acidity.

A quick alkaline pH Miracle live-it to lose weight fast and to rid the body of fat bound cellulite the problem of cellulite by changing your lifestyle and dietary habits.

It is best to start with at least 1 hour of exercise daily. It should be noted that daily exercise should be low impact, but daily alkalizing exercise is needed in order to improve circulation and then elimination of acidic bound fat. It is also recommended to change to an alkaline healthy diet of green fruit and vegetables, drinking plenty of alkaline fluids and getting enough sleep at least 6 hours per night. It is essential to avoid sugar intake and to increase alkalizing mineral salts.

If you already have cellulite, it is advisable to follow a special diet to periodically cleanse the body of acidic toxins and open the pores of the skin

Below is a quick pH Miracle alkaline diet to lose weight fast and get rid of acid bound fat called cellulite < / Strong>. It should be applied for eight to twelve weeks; Its effectiveness is greatly enhanced when combined with dietary restriction of animal flesh, dairy products, all forms of sugar, bread and to increase physical activity: walking, jogging, or doing other sports that have your preference, like rebounding on a mini trampoline or even Younga Yoga.

Lunch : 32 ounces of green juice and a purred salad of arugula, kale, spinach, tomato, cucumber with olive oil or avocado oil and lime as the dressing.

Dinner: steamed green vegetables, bean sprouts , Salad seasoning spinach shoots olive or flax oil, lemon juice or lime juice.

Breakfast : juice of whole red and / or grapefruit and 32 ounces of spinach , celery, and cucumber, and a purred green shake of avocado, cucumber, spinach, whole unprocessed salt, and lime or lemon.

Lunch : 32 ounces of green juice and a Purred salad of arugula, kale, spinach, tomato, cucumber with olive oil or avocado oil and lemon or lime as the dressing. and steamed purred vegetable of broccoli.

Snack : slices of tomato, cucumber, jicama, red pepper, green pepper and 1 whole avocado with liberal amounts of olive oil and unprocessed salt.

Dinner :

Dinner : 1 cup Of fresh almond or hazel nut milk with 32 ounces of green vegetable juice.

Lunch : a bunch of sunflower seed sprouts, tomato, seasoning with olive oil and lime or lemon with spices of your choice, spinach salad

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Snack : 1 whole avocado, hemp seed sprouts, and slices of jicama, tomato and red peppers.

> Dinner : raw or lightly steamed and then purred green vegetables, plain avocado dressing with lemon or olive oil or linseed oil with 32 ounces of spinach, parsley, cucumber, salt, and lime. P>

Lunch : 32 ounces of purred vegetables of zucchini, kale, spinach, cucumber, grapefruit, coconut water and 32 ounces of spinach, celery and cucumber.

Dinner : 32 ounces of purred vegetables with herbs, Pumpkin steamed, 32 ounces of green juice, and a purred mixed salad of mixed greens.

Breakfast : 32 ounces of green juice and 32 ounces of green pureed shake with fresh almond and hazel nut milk.

Lunch : mixed green salad with olive oil, lemon and salt and 1 whole avocado, 32 ounces of green juice and 32 ounces of green shake. >

Snack : slices of avocado, jicama, young coconut, red, green and yellow pepper, tomato, and cucumber with lemon, lime and olive or avocado oil. Dinne : vegetable soup, mixed greens, 32 ounces of green organic juice an d 16 ounces of almond milk.

Breakfast : 32 ounces of green organic juice, 32 ounces of purred green vegetables, / P> Lunch : steamed asparagus, artichoke, or other green vegetables steamed with liberal amounts of olive oil, lemon and whole unprocessed salt, 32 ounces of green organic juice and 32 ounces of green organ Purred vegetable and fruit, including a bunch of spinach, 1 grapefruit, 1 young coconut, 1 lime, and 2 cucumber.

Snack : 1 whole avocado, jicama, tomato, cucumber , And red and orange pepper.

Dinner : steamed green vegetables with liberal amounts of olive oil, lemon and whole unprocessed salt, 32 ounces of green organic juice and 16 ounces of almond and / or hazel nut milk.

Breakfast : steamed green organ vegetables purred with a tablespoon of olive oil, lemon or lime and whole unprocessed salt.

Snack : 1 sliced Avocado, cucumber, tomato, peppers of all colors, and jicama.

Dinner : vegetable broccoli soup and purred steamed vegetables. Hungry you are really thirsty so drink to 50% blend of green organic juice with fresh almond and / or hazel nut milk, you can also drink alkaline water with a pH of 9.5.

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